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What is Botulinum toxin- A and how does it work?

Botulinum toxin-a is a toxin produced by bacteria and used in highly purified preparations as medicament. After injecting, Toxin stops the stimulation of the muscle through the nerve endings. This has the effect, that the treated muscle can not be contracted anymore and thus prevents mimic wrinkles. Out of this reason it is also important to know that after a successful treatment you will not be able to tense your muscles (which is after all the desired effect). According to the area treated, for the period in which the preparation is effective, tensing and lifting your Eyebrows or wrinkling your forehead will not be possible anymore. Please consider this in case you might not be able to do without facial expressions e.g. out of professional (actor/ actress etc.) or any other reasons.

Sensitive nervous functions such as sense of touch, the sensation of heat and cold will not be influenced.
Since many years botulinum toxin-a is used in the neurological treatment of muscular cramps in areas of the eyes (blepharospasm) and the neck (spasmodic torticollis).

We use preparations of the companies Allergan (Botox®, Vistabel®) or Ipsen Pharma (Dysport®). These preparations are used in Austria exclusively authorized for neurological reasons as well as hyperhidrosis treatments (increased sweating) (Botox®, Dysport®) and the treatment of glabellic wrikles (at the bridge of the nose) (Vistbel®, Dysport®).

How is the treatment carried out?

A solution with botulinum toxin is injected into the muscle with a very fine needle. After cooling the treated area for about 10 min. the injection sites can hardly be seen anymore.

How long does the effect last?

The effect of the preparation begins after 3-4 days and reaches its peak after two weeks. The result varies from patient to patient from a shorter to a longer period, but generally one can say that it lasts 3-4 months.

What side effects and complications can occur?

Like in any other injection and in very rare cases, it might come to skin irritations, skin infections or slight swellings. Even slight bruises are possible. Allergic reactions (such as itching at the injection site) that can occur after repeatedly using botulinum toxin are also rare. All the side effects that are named above usually recede within a few days.

In case the effect of the preparation doesn’t work out evenly, it might temporarily come to an asymmetrical facial expression. This can be corrected by injecting some more of the preparation on a control date two weeks after the first injection.

That the effect of the preparation does not begin with the wanted strength or that that the preparation has no effect at all only is very rare. This risk is higher on patients who have been treated repeatedly with botulinum toxin because the effect can be damped by endogenous antibodies.

When shouldn’t botulinum toxin a be used?

  • In the area of local inflammations and skin diseases
  • in case any incompatibility with a substance of the preparation is known
  • in case of any nerve diseases or myopathy such as Myasthenia gravis or the Lambert–Eaton syndrome
  • during pregnancy and during the lactation period
  • on taking antibiotics or muscle relaxants

What should be observed after the treatment?

During the first two hours after the treatment the treated parts of the face should not be touched unnecessarily and should not be massaged at all. Later on it is possible to apply light make up as well as wash ones face softly without any problems. The head should be held in a in an upright position for 2-3 hours after the treatment. Please avoid bending down (e.g. to tie ones shoes) as well as lying down during this period. The result of the treatment can be seen earlier, when the affected muscles are tensed repeatedly in the 2-3 hours after the treatment.

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